Technology Quality

Precise R&D design

By the endless improvement and helps of the latest technology, our R&D department designs and presents latest products to the public in high quality and high efficient work speed and achieve the market demand.

Consistent production process

From mold casting, measurement, hydraulic, injection, assembling and the final step, product packaging, it is our persistence to work from beginning to the end to service our customer and satisfy our clients in quality and efficiency.

QC insistence and test

Quality is our core, and it is a key element as a client to select a fine tuning product. From production to delivery, PROGi believes in serving all our client's perfect products.Your satisfaction comes from high standard quality control. It is our commitment and promises to all our clients. All PROGi staffs must follow our SOP in every operation procedure and mutual supervision in every department so we can always offer high-quality products.

1. Any inconsistent upon audit shall be immediately improved for tracking accountability.

2. Apart from written records, PROGi also has an internal audit to ensure product quality stay the same at the whole time.

3. Strictly require the specification for the quality record.

4. Review system operation situation every half year and improve bad running.

International certification

1. ISO 9001:2000 international quality certification , excellent and stable product quality guarantee.

2. Create new business foundation by exclusive patent strategy. Unauthorized use; sale; patent goods import is prohibited. PROGi offer reasonable profits, region distribution to all our distributor or wholesalers to protect your biggest interests.

3. Company trademark enhances product recognition. With high brand recognition, the services are absolutely guaranteed. Consumers can effectively distinguish goods and services from other brands.

4. Low smoke: Refer to USA ASTM-E662 and FAR 25.853 testing of smoke density standard (test result after 20 minutes ), PROGi environment protection material produce less and light smoke after burning. No pollution risks.