About design software

PROGi uses PRO/E Wild Fire; Soldworks on product designs. With countless hard-work and time working on product designs, it was a big payback by laudable outcomes and exclusive product patents.

Geomagic Design X- the great software to get the object from raw scans to real CAD models.

It is designed to scan objects and present figures/measurement that is unreachable by hand tools or possible tolerance by manual measurement and quick establishment in CAD models.

SOLIDWORKS Premium- Ultimate 3D design software

1. Rich actuation and forced simulation analysis feature. It is the best software to perform simulated experiments regarding actuation; forced and tolerance and other functions on the computer.

2. Design simulation- performs dynamic analysis to control arms, engine mounts and any spare parts on the suspension system.

3. Material simulation- simulate the impacts on performance outcomes from compound materials; product thickness, working force directions. It presents exploded drawing, product drawing and 3D animation reports so the developers can predict the authentic product quality and stability before getting into the actual production.

Maya® 3D animation- Comprehensive 3D animation software

Maya® 3D animation, the most popular software presents our product features and installation instruction video. Also, it is a great assisting software to help us present our promotion videos and racing events footages.