《Feedback》Enhanced hard rubber control arm


<Enhanced hard rubber control arm>

    The control arm is so-called wishbone which is a mental component connect the body and the tire of the car.

The function is to make the tire stable and connect the shock absorber with a car while driving. Moreover, it can also retard the movement when drives on the bumpy road.


PROGi control arm
1. Enhance the durability of the bushing
2. The design is as same as the OEM and it can be replaced directly
3. You can see the perfect balance of hardness and flexibility on PROGi control arm megadraw poly bushing.

4. We use the high strength and crack resistant materials to extend the life of bushing.

Product characteristics
1. Optimize the tire traction and control system.

2. Equipped with megadraw poly rubber bushing.

3. Enhance the driving security.
4. Reduce the abrasion of the tire.