Our Team

Team Philosophy

A fine horse runs like a dragon flying in the sky. Heroes in the history can’t be named without their rides. PROGi Team is established for the gathering of public who loves their rides, include all the team members and whoever love modified racing cars. PROGi can manufacture great tuning products, we are involved in racing events. We challenge to the extreme, train hard and seek for better results and of course the honor and glory. PROGi would like to educate the public that racing is an activity for everyone and should be proud to get involved. PROGi team is hPROGiy to bring joy and accomplishment to everyone. We hope to share the glory and honor with all PROGi fans.

  • 齊藤悠史

    Nissan Silvia S15

  • Kuo, Yi,Tzu

    TOYOTA AE-86

  • Chang, Ming-Wei

    Nissan Silvia S14

PROGi Racing Kit

PROGi built up specialized performance cars. We spent time on product testing and modification and finally attend the 2013 racing event. PROGi performance light weight parts, full set modified chassis polyurethane products combined with PROGi 36 steps adjustable shock absorber.


Birthday:1980/13/31 血型:O / 星座:巨蟹 出身地:千葉市

茂原ドリフマスターズ(茂原ツインサーキット) 2010第一名
茂原ドリフマスターズ(茂原ツインサーキット) 2011 第一名
ツインドリフトクラス 2015 優勝
ツインドリフトクラス 2016 優勝

Nissan Silvia S15
軸距 2525mm / 引擎 2JZ / 最大馬力:600ps
長度 4445 mm / 寬度 1695mm / 高度 1285mm
PROGI底盤強化套件 / PROGI 外掛式氮氣瓶避震器

Kuo, Yi,Tzu

Birthday:68/12/30 Blood Type:A 出身地:Taiwan

2014 Double X club CTMSA Drift Competition, Team B Runners up

Wheel base 2400mm / Engine 4A-GE / Computer HKS F-con SZ / Turbo TD-04
Overall length 4205mm/ Vehicle width 1624mm / Vehicle high 1335mm
HKS EVC / KAAZ 2 Way LSD / SSR R1R / Front 195/50/15 / Back 205/50/15

Chang, Ming-Wei

Birthday:73/06/24 血型:O / 星座:巨蟹 出身地:Taiwan

2012 4th Yung-An Cup CTSMA Drift Competition 4th Event Team C Second runner-up
2013 M. A.X Drift Competition Tungshiau Heat Wave Cup Team B Champing
2014 Double X club CTMSA Drift Competition, Team B Second Runners-up

Nissan Silvia S14
Wheel base 2525mm / Engine SR20DET/ Computer E-manage / Turbo TT-05
Overall length 4498mm / Vehicle width 1727mm / Vehicle high 1288mm
4.3 終傳 / 2 Way LSD / UR 拉桿 / PROGI 避震器


2013 NITTO DRIFT 2013 TSF Taiwan Speed Festival 2nd stop 2013 M.A.X DRIFT DRIFT Cup Drift Competition 2013 M.A.XDRIFTAchilles Achilles Cup Car Drift Festival 2013 National Jeep Off-road Challenge


2015 PIC Audi R8 LMS CUP Taiwan Taiwan Rally Car Championship ツインドリフトクラス Championship


ツインドリフトクラス Championship