Brand Story

PROGi a pioneer can never be overtaken

Always has unexpected professional good ideas. Brand Spirit
PROGi seeks for distinguishing product variety, innovative ideas and developments and sophisticated manufacture skills and high-quality brand images and core values.
Brand Products
Tuning and reinforced suspension kits and customized polyurethane products.
PROGi insists on MIT products
We are proud to be MIT manufacturer.
Every PROGi staff has a strong national identity; we love our motherland and proud to be Taiwanese. As a result, all PROGi products follow the spirit of design, material purchase and manufacture process are all MIT only.
We establish strong business relationships with auto parts distributors and importers from Asia countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and European markets like England, Germany and French. As results, each PROGi MIT spare parts are sold to every country in the world. We hear from customers voices and are serious about after sales services, no cutting corners and care about each manufacturing process. We want every PROGi products in your hand represents good MIT quality. Therefore, profits are not our priority in marketing strategy. We all understand good quality comes with a high cost, and the product speaks for itself. A-PROGi Parts loves Taiwan and believes in good Taiwanese products
We hope to share the same value and persistent ideas with all our clients when you decide to purchase PROGi products.
It's more than just a product that you have purchased, it is the recognition to Taiwan and MIT products.
Let us response to MIT & PROGi Products. Each PROGi product that has been used is a promotion of Taiwan. Make the value of Taiwan products gain the worldwide recognition.

History of brand logo

It was derived from time-honored brand “Feng-Ban” in Chinese. 2002.09

PROGi based on Taiwan aimed World Wide MarketPRO means professional manufacturer Gi engages that we have good ideas for your car! 2008.06

History of product packaging

2002.09 Grey and white Feng-ben design: initial purely and steady image.

2008.06 PROGi Black/gray/red design: For after sales/repair and maintain products. It represents our passion and professional services.

2014.06 PROGi bright silver design: Tuning products, it describes PROGi as a fashionable symbol and leading pioneer.

2015.07 PROGi Word Map design: For the latest tuning products. It symbolized MIT manufactured goods. PROGi targets to globalized MIT products and be the leader of tuning industry.