Team of PROGi

Team of PROGi

PROGI is a professional auto parts manufacturer.
We have been developing, researching and designing many years to create a variety of auto parts.
Through sophisticated manufacturing and quality maintenance, PROGI will make the best products to export all over the world.
PROGi's parts are well recognized by the market, both in Europe and the United States, and in the intense driving at Japan's track circuit.
We also polished the MIT brand for the Taiwan auto industry.

Marketing Department

We have rich experience in brand strategy and marketing communication in Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and United States. Good at brand positioning, consumer research, and industry competition research. Have the verity international experience, from Optimize the company brand, product information to assist each company communication. Effectively improve the PROGi market visibility.

Photography Department

Our professional photography team have engaged in photography for many years. The cost hundreds of thousands of photographic equipment just only for the perfect video and photo to show the customer. Flawless shot movement, and perfect movie script and special effects system, make PROGi’s brand positioning. Through the visual transmission of brand spirit and purpose, but also allow customers to better understand the product and its structure with the principle of understanding the correct knowledge of vehicles.

Design Department

Professional brand image design team, the company's designers are experienced, rich works, whether graphic or industrial 3D computing are the best of the company's team project, the company's brand image to create part of an in-depth study that can help The company's partners plan the overall brand image to create the peak business.

Business Department

Our company sealer have expertise knowledge and sales skills, the marketing part of the team is good at analyzing the product advantages, giving customers all the information they want, the market segment of the company to increase brand exposure using the Internet platform while increasing brand awareness, and through market analysis understand the target customer base. In this market environment so difficult circumstances, still able to come up with outstanding results of the order.

Administration Department

Our company has a complete administrative team, including accounting, shipping, warehousing, procurement, etc., through the coordination of affairs between various departments, proper arrangements for the company's operational matters, the preparation of company management rules and regulations, supporting the international transport of orders and improve the logistics planning. The team is our strong and powerful pillar, efficient driving the overall company operations.